...our Golden Year!

Nancys Stitch Studio, formerly Nancy's Embroidery Shop, Wellington, New Zealand will have been open for 50 years in May 2017.
Started by Nancy Robb it is now owned by Mary Self, supported by her staff Anna,Tess, Arna, Hiliary, Josh, Kim and Suzanne.

As Wellington's only specialist embroidery shop, Nancy's stocks a wide range of embroidery and tapestry threads, kitsets and accessories.
We also stock patchwork fabrics with a bias towards modern designs.
Knitting wool has come to Nancy's with the Yarn Studio and Nancy's are the Wellington dealer for Bernina sewing machines and overlockers.

Our design and manufacturing side has been developing and we now design, manufacture, wholesale and export
the Jennifer Pudney, Mary Self and Strand Needlepoint kits sets.
We also design many of our own unique canvas work, embroidery and quilt patterns.
The Strand yarn has become a favorite knitting yarn with our own patterns to support this New Zealand made yarn.