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Golden Year Embroidery Sampler

Celebrate Nancy's Golden Year with a Mystery sampler representing each of the six decades Nancys has been open.
Done as a row by row or column by column sampler, each month the kit will represent the decade, in some way, that we are celebrating. For example the 1960s theme is 50 years of Flower Power and Man on the Moon!

The kit for the 1960s will be available on May 7 – the 50th anniversary of the day Nancys opened.
Thereafter, the kit will be available on the first day of the next five months.

The kit will contain the fabric with a design outline stitched on, Strand yarn, felt, full colour picture and the stitch instructions. The cost will no more than $30/month for 6 months.

You can come into the shop to order or you can register online, enter your payment details and we will automatically send you out the kits when they are available. We will only charge your credit card when we send each kit.

Embroidery Mystery Sampler $30 per month for 6 months REGISTER NOW

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